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I must admit, I am quite proud of myself tonight…I decided I wanted to make enchiladas for dinner before I even ate my lunch today. (Anyone else think of their next meal before or while they’re eating their current one??) So I started googling for recipes and searching blogs. I found several recipes for creamy enchiladas, several for tomato red enchiladas, several for sour cream enchis, but I was looking for some sort of combination of all of them. So for the first time in my cooking journey I did not follow a cookie cutter recipe. Like I said, I am quite proud of myself.

I started by cutting 3 chicken breasts into small pieces and cooking them in a skillet with olive oil over medium heat.

Once cooked I shredded/cut them into even smaller pieces. I added half of a 14 oz can of mild red enchilada sauce and let that heat up

After a few minutes, I added 2 big handfuls (about 1 cup) of shredded reduced fat mexican 4 cheese blend. I left them get all gooey and stirred it in. I then added a couple dallops of light sour cream and mixed that in. This was my filling…. my mouth was watering by this point. Of course I had to do a taste test, which then translated to me eating several spoonfuls of the cheesey ooey gooey yumness.

I used 10 whole wheat flour tortillas (soft taco size,) placed a hefty amount of filling on the end of each, rolled them tightly, and placed them in a casserole dish. I then added the rest of the enchilada sauce to the skillet, added another cup of the cheese, some more sour cream and recreated the filling minus the chicken. I poured this over the rolled enchis.

Then topped with even more cheese. Obviously necessary.

Baked it in a 375 degree oven for about 30 minutes and they were done. We loved them!!! It was a great success. I ate mine along side some zucchini slices roasted in olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic powder. W covered his in hot sauce. We are both very full now.

On a side note, I would love to know why it is not possible for me to cook ANYTHING without my kitchen looking like a bomb went off. I get so frazzled that pots, pans, spoons, sauce, water, spices all end up going everything. I wanted to take a picture. But it was embarrassing. Hmph.

Making a meal without following a cookie cutter recipe…..Check.

Making a meal without looking like a food fight went down….Maybe next time.


I am very on edge tonight. As most people probably know, the Redskins and Cowboys are playing tonight. I am a huge Redskins fan (along with Will and the rest of my family!) and I love them to death but my boys give me anxiety!!! W and I were thinking about going out with some friends to watch the game, but we were just way too tired from this weekend. (Holy old.) So instead we are having a wild night laying in our recliners drinking diet coke. Whoopie!


Will wanted chili cheese dip but we decided to make it a little bit healthier tonight. I layered fat free cream cheese, chili with no beans, and reduced fat mexican cheese blend and baked it in the over at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes. Delish!

We also had lobster raviolis (my abs favorite) .. Wills simply boiled them, heated up some vodka sauce and then layered them in a baking dish, sprinkled some cheese on top and popped them in the oven.

A very cheese filled night. We ate dinner on the floor tonight in front of the TV. Weirdos. The game is tied right now, I’m praying my boys pull through. LETS GO REDSKINS!!!!!!!!!


William enthusiastically agrees! 😉

Holy Monday… I was quite the tired little girl this morning. It was an awesome weekend though..

My parents and William and I went to the University of South Carolina in Columbia to visit my sister for her parent’s weekend. The rents drove down early Friday, but since I just started my job I can’t take any leave time yet. I got to the office bright and early at 6:30 so I could jet by 2. I started my day with a homemade breakfy sandwich with an english muffin, 1 egg + provolone cheese.

I was so anxious about getting everything done by 2 that I worked right through lunch. 2 oclock finally came, I changed into my comfy clothes, W picked me off and off we went on our 7 hour journey to South Carolina. We got into a good amount of traffic leaving the city (love you DC) but around Richmond we were free and coasting…

We were so excited and loaded up on Monster (for W) and red bull for me. We wanted to be ready to go out right when we got there!

We made it!!!!

We had an amazing weekend. I didn’t document what we ate but I can tell you it went something like this: Pizza, burgers, beer. Oh college, how I missed you.

Real world hangovers are the worst. But it was tots worth it.

That would be my salad.. not me 🙂

I started my day off with a smoothie! I was craving one yesterday, but when I opened the strawberry container yesterday, they were moldy. eeeck! We picked up some new berries from the teet yesterday (harris teeter, of course) and I was finally able to get my smoothie kick. I whirled away a handful of strawberries, one banana, a scoop of vanilla protein powder, almond milk, and several ice cubes.

I poured it into my reuseable cup/straw (how cute is that?!) and enjoyed it along side a toasted light english muffin with some butter. It held me over very well.

William had to drop something off to me at work, and when he came by at 12:30 I was ready for a break from my building. I asked him to take me on a car ride! (Am I a puppy?) We drove around Arlington chitchatting. I packed a lean cuisine pizza for lunch but when we drove by one of my fave salad places, I couldn’t resist. We waited in the 30 minute line (hello lunch rush) at *Sweetgreen* and I got a caesar salad with shrimpies. 

It was good, but not enough dressing to my liking. Not that I like it sopping wet, but I have trouble eating too lightly dressed lettuce. It was still good thought and a nice treat.

Now I am just waiting for the work day to be over… We are going to my little sister’s field hockey game tonight and to visit our parents. I am ready for Friday!!!

Tonight’s dinner was deeeelicious! But back to that in a sec..

I am not the most exciting breakfast eater. Since I’m always late (to everything in life…) I am usually in quite the rush in the morning. My breakfasts need to be quick and portable. This mornings breakfy fit all my needs. I made a quick egg sammy with one scrambled egg and provolone cheese on a light english muffin. I wrapped it in a paper towel and munched on it on my ride into work. Very satisfying!

Lunch was a boring turkey sandwich. It was dinner that stole the spotlight today.

As I mentioned before, I am trying to learn how to cook. However, Will is quite the cook. So when he offers to take the reigns on making dinner, I definitely do not complain. The plan tonight was to make turkey burgers! Since we needed to eat the avocados that were about to go bad, Will mixed up some homemade guacamole for us to enjoy as an appetizer.

While W made the burgers I roasted some zucchini with olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic powder in the oven. We also made some rice in our *new* rice cooker. I’m not a big white rice fan so I passed. We ate our turkey burgers on whole wheat buns with cheese (manchego for me, cheddar for W.) At the last minute W fried an egg for each of our burgers. Um amazing.

At UVA, there is a restaurant called the White Spot near all the bars.


The white spot is known for its burgers topped with a fried egg called the Gus burger. The white spot is also open until 4am. Ha. Lets just say I had several gus burgers around closing time back in my UVA days. But I must say….I would take tonight’s healthified version of the gus burger any day. Especially when prepared by a seski boyfriend 😀

Oh yes, and dinner was early tonight, which is very unusual for us. (Our average time before we moved in together was 9pm. Tonight we were done eating by 7. Weird.) So of course, dessert was necessary. Fro zen yo = best self serve frozen yogurt.

Strawberry + Cheesecake swirl froyo topped with choco chips, rainbow sprinkles, crushed oreos, whip cream, hot fudge. I die.


*William, Most people call him Will. I tell him one day his real person name will be Bill. He hates it. We’ve been dating for almost a year, and he is my bestest friend in the whole world. Will is in the Marine Corps and currently taking classes. He loves working out (he’s a great workout buddy- sometimes going to the gym twice a day just so I have a buddy) and has a healthy obsession with ESPN and all sports, particularly football and hockey.

Christmas in Jamaica!

He also shares my love for food. The boy can eat, and I like it. A lot. He’s the chef in our little family, but I’m trying to help now. We officially fell in love the day we realized both of our favorite movies was Heavyweights.

*My familia. I am extremely close to my parents and sisters, and am lucky to live so close to them (only about 20 minutes away.)
My daddy lives in a house full of women. Even our pets growing up were females. He’s a manly man who has been a cop for over 30 years and lifts weights every day, but he loves his girls. Basically William is a mini version of my dad, so I know Dad likes having a guys guy around to talk sports with.

My momma is the most amazing woman I know. She knows everything about everything and I don’t know how she manages to do it all. She loves sports and still plays tennis and basketball in woman’s leagues. She works in sales and she is darn good at it. Be careful getting into a conversation with her though because she will talk your ear off.

My sister Maggie is 21 years old and a student at the University of South Carolina. We probably talk 10 times a day and share a love for finding awkward pictures of people of facebook and sending them to each other. Basically, we have the exact same weird sense of humor. When we were really little, Maggie was shy and wouldn’t talk to people. She would whisper to me and I would speak for her. Sometimes we still do it.

My sister Jenny is 16 years old, but she will always be my baby. She plays varsity field hockey and basketball at her high school and rocks at them both. She’s also the tallest of the sisters (our height goes in opposite order of our age.) I’ve loved living at home and going on adventures with my Jennay over the last year.

The girlfriends. I have an amazing group of girlfriends. Some from high school, some from college.

Me and my college girlfriends were all in the same sorority, Delta Zeta. We lived in the srat house one year, and lived in our own beaten up college house our last year (called the POO house.) I can honestly say I had the best college experience possible thanks to these lovely ladies. We had some wild adventures, but now we’re all trying to be real people. The majority of us are living in the DC area so we still get to see each other often.

My high school girlies and I all went to different HS’s. We danced together 6 days a week and shared everything with each other. Even though we went to different colleges, we still remained close. When we get together finally, its like no times has passed at all.

Adios 🙂

Gooood morning and happy hump day!

I thought it would be fun to share some of my recent attempts at being domestic in the kitchen:

*Turkey tacos: This was our first meal on our first night in the new apt. Ground turkey meat mixed with taco seasonings, mini tortillas and homemade guac

*Buffalo chicken pasta bake: Whole wheat bow tie pasta covered in a buffalo spiked cheese sauce and baked. W loved this one (and really anything buffalo-hot-spicy-esq.)

*Shrimp scampi: shrimpies cooked in garlic, white wine, and butter, served over whole wheat pasta. Very rich dish!

*Pot Roast: cooked ALL day in a slow cooker with Lipton’s beefy onion soup mix, water, carrots, and taters. By far the easiest (and yummiest) ever

*Crunchy asiago chicken tenders: chicken tenders soaked in buttermilk, coated in a mix of panko & regular breadcrumbs, flour, fresh asiago cheese, and baked.

Served with a side of roasted zuccs tossed in olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic powder

*I should mention that I got recipes for the buffalo chicken pasta bake, shrimp scampi, and asiago chicken tenders from http://www.howsweeteats.com/ blog. Her recipes are amazing! I am looking forward to trying out more recipes I find from the foodie blog world soon! 🙂


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