Meet my crew!

Posted on: September 21, 2011

*William, Most people call him Will. I tell him one day his real person name will be Bill. He hates it. We’ve been dating for almost a year, and he is my bestest friend in the whole world. Will is in the Marine Corps and currently taking classes. He loves working out (he’s a great workout buddy- sometimes going to the gym twice a day just so I have a buddy) and has a healthy obsession with ESPN and all sports, particularly football and hockey.

Christmas in Jamaica!

He also shares my love for food. The boy can eat, and I like it. A lot. He’s the chef in our little family, but I’m trying to help now. We officially fell in love the day we realized both of our favorite movies was Heavyweights.

*My familia. I am extremely close to my parents and sisters, and am lucky to live so close to them (only about 20 minutes away.)
My daddy lives in a house full of women. Even our pets growing up were females. He’s a manly man who has been a cop for over 30 years and lifts weights every day, but he loves his girls. Basically William is a mini version of my dad, so I know Dad likes having a guys guy around to talk sports with.

My momma is the most amazing woman I know. She knows everything about everything and I don’t know how she manages to do it all. She loves sports and still plays tennis and basketball in woman’s leagues. She works in sales and she is darn good at it. Be careful getting into a conversation with her though because she will talk your ear off.

My sister Maggie is 21 years old and a student at the University of South Carolina. We probably talk 10 times a day and share a love for finding awkward pictures of people of facebook and sending them to each other. Basically, we have the exact same weird sense of humor. When we were really little, Maggie was shy and wouldn’t talk to people. She would whisper to me and I would speak for her. Sometimes we still do it.

My sister Jenny is 16 years old, but she will always be my baby. She plays varsity field hockey and basketball at her high school and rocks at them both. She’s also the tallest of the sisters (our height goes in opposite order of our age.) I’ve loved living at home and going on adventures with my Jennay over the last year.

The girlfriends. I have an amazing group of girlfriends. Some from high school, some from college.

Me and my college girlfriends were all in the same sorority, Delta Zeta. We lived in the srat house one year, and lived in our own beaten up college house our last year (called the POO house.) I can honestly say I had the best college experience possible thanks to these lovely ladies. We had some wild adventures, but now we’re all trying to be real people. The majority of us are living in the DC area so we still get to see each other often.

My high school girlies and I all went to different HS’s. We danced together 6 days a week and shared everything with each other. Even though we went to different colleges, we still remained close. When we get together finally, its like no times has passed at all.

Adios 🙂


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