Time to play catch up!

Posted on: October 3, 2011

Hello there!
I have been terrible about updating my bloggie, and I know my many readers are getting antsy. (Hi Will, Mom, Dad, Maggie, and Jenny!) I am planning on updating much more frequently and promise to get better at it. It’s a work in progress after all!
Last week was a bit crazy…W and I were kind of all over the place, as were our meals. On Wednesday we went out to happy hour and had a few adult beverages (shock top is my new favorite beer of life.) We have a restaurant close to our apartment that has $1 beers every wednesday. I can’t get enough of a good deal!

I’ve been wanting to try shepard’s pie for a while now, and when I mentioned it to Will, he said his mom makes an amazing shep’s pie! Something about delicious buttery mashed potatoes atop veggies and meat sounds perfect to me. Will’s mom very generously offered to make us a batch for me to try! (Sidenote: I adore Will’s mom. We are very close and she is amazing!)

The shepard’s pie did NOT disappoint! It was so yummy and I can’t wait to have it again in the future and try to recreate hers. Thanks Mrs. D!!! (We had it with garlic buttered ciabatta bread.)

It’s no hidden secret that I love sweets. Cake, brownies, cookies, chocolate, cheesecake, and especially FROYO. (Strangely enough, I only really eat real ice cream on top of things a la mode style. Froyo however, should belong in my diet all day, every day.) So after the shep’s pie we made our way over to FroZenYo for some of the delicious creamy good stuff. I had the red velvet flavor at another location a while back and it was by far my favorite flavor I’ve tried. They didn’t have it at our location however…….until Thursday night.

I filled my cup all the way to the tippy top and it enjoyed it with some chocolate chips, rainbow sprinkles, and a hefty dose of hot fudge. Heaven in a cup.

Friday night, William wasn’t in the mood for a big dinner. He had drill all weekend and didn’t want to go to bed with a heavy stomach. I used this as my excuse to make one of my most favorite foods (that he hates!) Scallops!

I removed the excess water from them and seasoned them with salt, pepper, and garlic powder. I simply sauteed them in butter and some chopped garlic. They came out nicely browned and very tasty!


This weekend was a very chill one for me. I went to bed early, watched a lot of TV, went home and went to church with my family Sunday. I did however take on a new project that I’m very excited about on Saturday! Pinterest is a new website where you can share, pin, and “repin” pictures of inspiration. There are several categories such as food & drink, home decor, fashion, ect. Lately I’ve been looking for a new rug for our apartment because I absolutely detest the one we have now. It is all wrong for us and just gives the whole room an icky vibe. But rugs are so darn expensive!! Every one that I like is well over $300! No thank you!! As I was browsing rugs on pinterest,  I found some inspiration that I knew I had to take advantage of! I decided I was going to PAINT MY OWN RUG!!! Sounds weird right? Well, it is. And it takes a lot of work. Like 5+ hours of taping alone. Yeah.

My baby sister and I ventured to ikea and purchased a white rug as my blank canvas, and I got to work taping. I’m not going to reveal the final product now because frankly I don’t know what it is! [I completed the project at my parents house because it required more room than my apartment would allow, so it is still there drying.] I’ll give you these pictures as a teaser:

That’s it with the beginning rows of tape on it…Stay tuned for the final product!!!!


Also: Christmas in Ikea?? It was only October 1st! Not gonna lie though, it gets me really excited for the holiday season. (Thanks Jen for being my model)


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