Getting ready for the ball

Posted on: November 3, 2011

I mentioned a while back that Wills is in the Marine Corps, and every year in November, every unit throws a Marine Corps Birthday Ball to celebrate its founding. There is a traditional ceremony, as well as dinner and dancing. All the boys dress up in their blues and look SEW handsome. Last year’s ball was quite the whirlwind for us. 

I met William in September of 2010. We started hanging out with some mutual friends who were dating and we quickly hit it off.

He asked me out on our first date to a small little mexican restaurant close to our houses, and from then on, we were pretty much inseperable. I know a lot of people say that, but I’m 100% serious. Like we hung out/went on dates every day and texted all day. We quickly realized we have pretty much everything in common (most noteably, the exact same weird sense of humor..) and the things that we didn’t have in common were perfect balances to eachother.

I remember on our second “official” date we went to one of my favorite seafood restaurants. We sat there and talked and drank wine for like 5 hours and were completely all about each other. I pretty much decided in my head at the moment that I would love him forever and get married and make babies with him someday, but I figured maybe we should date more than 2 times first.

So began my love affair with William Anferney.

Anyhoo– We had JUST begun dating when he told me about the Ball, which would take place in November. I was THRILLED. It sounded like Prom/Sorority formal all over again. What girl doesn’t love getting all dolled up? I went out and bought my dress THAT weekend (and blew WAY too much money on a BCBG dress..) I was so excited.

We had been dating for a few weeks when Will sat me down one night and told me some bad news. He had signed up to go on a voluntary mission to Romania before he met me, and he had been selected and would be going there……for a year. He also had to go on two week training trip which fell right when the ball was. At this point, I didn’t give a shit (excuse my french) about the ball. I had just met this guy who I totally clicked with, who was perfect to me, and he was leaving. For a year. We were both completely crushed. It kind of felt like life was playing a big joke on us.

Long story short- I helped Will get ready to leave for Romania. We went shopping, got him lots of new clothes, packed him up, and a few weeks later, drove him to the airport. I tried to be strong for him but it was really hard.. I ended up boo hooing like a baby. This guy had become my best friend and I was crushed he was leaving me. This was on the exact day the ball was being held. On our way home from the airport, Will’s mom, sister, and I stopped to get some coffee. We got a phone call “they don’t have my ticket…” …. “WHAT?!?” Something had gotten messed up, and it turns out his orders were wrong and he was no longer going on this 2 week trip. AHHHHHHHHHHHH

Will’s mom and sister rushed me home where I showered and got ready lightening speed (sidenote: I normally take forever to get ready.) They went and picked him up from the airport and he did the same. When we finally saw each other again, I squeezed him so tight (and never wanted to let go.)

We went to the ball that night, happy than ever. We missed the official ceremony, but still had a blast with all the other marines.

Hello fur. Give me fabulous.

Anyways…….Will obviously ended up NOT having to go on the year long mission to Romania. Which means I got him all to myself and got to spend every day falling more in love with him and now we are where we are 🙂 That man is my best friend in the whole world and I am thankful to have him in my life everyday.

Enough of the mushy gushy, the reason for this long story is because the 2011 Marine Corps ball is THIS weekend! We’re both very excited and even got a keg bus to party on afterwards. We both want to look our best this weekend (and I have to fit my ass into a little dress) so we’re been trying to take it easy on the carbs this week. Tuesday we had steak and veggies and last night we crock potted it up using a recipe I found while browsing online.

I give you Creamy Salsa Chicken in the crock pot:

Simply mix 1 can FF cream of chicken soup + 1 can cream of mushroom soup + 1 big jar salsa and pour over chicken breasts in crockpot. Cook for 3-4 hours and then chop/pull chicken and return it to pot to soak up the sauce. We ate it with roasted zucchinis with garlic powder and parm cheese. Simple, healthy, delicious! My kind of meal.

*Hoping this week goes by quickly* Have a great Thursday!


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